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The Chosen Ones: New World Order


Short Story by Eliciana Elita (The Jakarta Post, October 8, 2018)

The Chosen Ones New World Order ilustration Budhi Button - The Jakartta Post.jpg

The Chosen Ones: New World Order ilustration Budhi ButtonThe Jakartta Post

On July 17, 2175, the world’s greatest scientists, businesspeople, world-class leaders and politicians gather in the Webber Grand Auditorium to attend one of the most exciting events in science and history — a long-awaited moment for those who never fail to believe in the impossible.

Those who receive an invitation to attend the event virtually, or regrettably have no way to attend the event physically, wear their virtual suit and headset, switch the power on, log in to the event held in Section 2831-PK87 (or in older years was known as Geneva, Switzerland) and sit down.

Blue Charlie is scheduled to make its first public appearance today. Everybody knows what that means: A preamble to a new life, an exciting detour from a race with time, because this world has become harsh and terribly unkind, like a cranky old man who seems to get annoyed at everything.

The construction of Blue Charlie dates back years before the establishment of the New World Order. In the old days when the internet was still a thing, precisely in the year 2018, a group of well-endowed minds, super-rich multibillionaires, and admirably far-sighted people of planet Earth worked together and formed a secret society. They would work together on very secretive, highly controversial, very ambitious projects that only those with the best minds or wealth, and determination could take part in.

The organization called themselves The Herring Squadron and over the years its popularity increased, despite rumors saying that the admission process is a hundred times harder than getting accepted into the highest level of Mensa Society. Their recruitment processes are impossibly complex, mind-blowingly clever, and yet blissfully rewarding.

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Among its inherently challenging projects that range from rearranging the countries in the New World Order to creating nutritious pills and capsules to mitigate the world’s global hunger problem, the most challenging and comprehensive project is what they call The Great Exodus: transporting mankind to another habitable planet. It’s not quite an easy task, of course. Humans are not built for interstellar travels, and the light-year distance problem is not something you can solve overnight. And try as you may, there isn’t quite a place like our Earth.

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