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A Hairy Tale


She surrendered to the stinging sensation that felt like a fire ant biting her skin. Ah, so much for the anesthesia cream they applied hours prior to the treatment, she thought. And if the therapist said the sting would only occur when there’s coarse hair underneath the skin, it meant there was only coarse hair underneath her skin.

“Ok, we’re done with the laser. Now we would clean the cooling gel and apply this cream to soothe your skin,” the therapist said as she scrapped the gel off her skin with a spatula. “Remember, don’t get the skin exposed to hot water for a day. Stay away from the sun. No scrubbing, rubbing or anything that creates frictions on the skin.”

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The therapist helped Anjali put on the robe.

“How was your first treatment? It was not painful right? In no time, your skin will be so luminous that it will light up the room, for there won’t be any more obstruction from the hair,” the clinic manager sweet-talked Anjali as soon as she came out of the treatment room.

It was not like the treatment was not painful. It was, but it was also bearable. And the thought of her not to have to go through the regular pain from waxing was what made her decide to go on with the program.

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Baca juga  Given Another Life

“We’ll see you on your next session,” the voice of the clinic manager faded out and turned into buzzing sound. The buzz was created by the noise of a bus passing by with thick smoke from its exhaust pipes that brought her back to the present reality at the café.


Anjali looks from the corner of her eyes. Her husband, Dev, is brushing his teeth with his annoying electric toothbrush. What’s more annoying is his hairy body. She’s been encouraging him to take a laser hair remover treatment, and each time he flatly rejects the idea. “It’s an offense against nature. Never go against nature. Something really bad will come back to you. Bad karma,” said Dev once. She wonders how could she cope all this time, not only with his hairy body but with his narrow-mindedness as well.

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