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A Hairy Tale


Dev is amused by his wife’s new obsession. She has an addictive trait in her. It’s something that actually attracted him to her in the first place.

“Can you see that? I feel as if there’s something tickling from inside my nose,” Dev leans closer to her and lifts up his nose.”

“Gross!” Anjali pushes Dev away.

Dev snorts and kills himself laughing.


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“I’ve noticed that my back hair has grown thicker,” Anjali whispers to the therapist’s ear, afraid that the wall in that cabin will tell the whole world about her darkest secret.

“Let me have a look,” the therapist tends to Anjali’s back. “It’s not much, but we certainly can take care of it.”

In just a few sittings, her then-reluctant patient has now converted into a glabrous. Her eyes sparkle at the thought of the commission she’s going to get from all the fortune this lady is spending on packages the clinic has to offer. Ka-ching!


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“Are you turning into a smoothie?” asks Dev while brushing his teeth. Dev is no longer amused by Anjali’s obsession. He spits out the watery paste from his mouth as if he’s spitting out his disgust.

Anjali ignores him and goes on observing every inch of her body in the mirror.

“Why do we, of all people, have to be the ones with most hair?” she asks him, or maybe she actually asks herself. “Us, who live in the most humid and hot place on earth?”

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“Don’t question God. There must be a reason, hence don’t go against nature.” Dev pulls Anjali closer. “But you do look great. Like a living La Naissance de Venus.” He starts kissing her bare back.

“Nah…not now.”


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