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A Hairy Tale


Dev drowns himself in her thick lustrous lock, the only hair she has left on her, aside from her eyebrow and eyelashes.

“I’ve just got it done.” Anjali pushes him away.

“What has just got done?” Dev is stubbornly pulling her closer.

Anjali’s eyes point downward. “Can’t have any frictions.”

“Oh, you and your hair. Be careful, babe, you can’t stop nature. It will find its way back, always,” mutters Dev as he storms out of the bathroom.


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Dev is looking at her peaceful face. She always looks like a baby when sleeping with one cheek on the pillow. Even more so now that she has no hair on her body.

He caresses her skin, his hand glides smoothly from the cheek to the neck. She grunts. He stops. He starts again, gently, not wanting to wake her up. It’s been awhile he thinks. He’s a normal guy with a healthy sexual appetite. And it is with his wife he’s trying to do so. He knows that he can’t do it without her consent. But he can try to seduce her, right?

His fingers glide down to her full breast and to her soft belly, slowly making a circle around her navel.

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He stops. He shivers. He touches her navel again to re assure himself. No, this can’t be, he thinks. But what he thinks is true. He pulls down the duvet and his eyes roll out in disbelief seeing hair sprouting out of her navel. The shaft is fine and shiny. He can see each and every strand is growing and dancing happily, as if stretching their bodies after being tied down for far too long.

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The hair has finally returned. ***


Beta Perwata grew up in a family of storytellers and educators. She is the founder of TABETA Creative Space.


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